Mini Shadow Theatre

The Mini Shadow Theatre is currently available at Tate Britain (the 'Outdoor Adventure' set only), the National Theatre shops and Pollocks Toy Theatre Shop, Covent Garden, stock all three sets. Retailing at 9.99 the theatre contains everything you need to create your own shadow shows: an easy to assemble theatre, silhouettes of figures and backgrounds, shadow screen, two blank panels to create your own content and clear instructions. Simply slide the characters in front of the backgrounds to create action and delight your audience. Conceived and designed by Jennie Pedley, the content was inspired by historical exercise manuals, from the Wellcome Library, London.The theatre comes with three different sets of content, 'Orchard and River', 'Outdoor Adventure' and 'The London Olympics 1908/1948'. The Mini Shadow Theatre kit is available as a limited edition, its development was funded by a Wellcome Trust grant. Jennie runs Mini Shadow Theatre workshops in hospitals and schools, exploring the history of exercise. For more details about the artist please visit

Orchard and River
London Olympics 1908
Outdoor Adventure

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